Baby Cotton Knit Gift Set
Cookie empire Baby knitwear 4 piece set grey white pom pom stack picture
Cookie empire grey booties part of set beanie pants cardigan cotton knitwear
Cookie empire knitted baby 4 piece set grey white pm pom cotton layout of cardigan and beanie
Cookie empire grey baby knitwear 4 piece close up of fibre thread cotton
Cooki empire baby knitwear Grey white set beanie image
Cookie empire by 4 piece knitwear Seth grey with white pom poms on beanie
Cookie empire baby 4 piece knitwear set baby wearing outfit hand showing
Cookie Empire baby knitwear 4piece set cotton
Baby Cotton Knit Gift Set
Baby Cotton Knit Gift Set
Baby Cotton Knit Gift Set
Baby Cotton Knit Gift Set
Baby Cotton Knit Gift Set
Baby Cotton Knit Gift Set
Baby Cotton Knit Gift Set
Baby Cotton Knit Gift Set
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Baby Cotton Knit Gift Set

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This unisex baby gift is a 4-piece knitwear set for a newborn – 3-month old baby. It is a unique Cookie Empire Designer Original.

It’s all 100% cotton and soft as butter. Your baby will be comfortable and warm in this cosy knit baby gift set. Comes in three colour ways Mustard/Black Pom Pom, Grey/White Pom Pom and Black with Red Pom Pom. The cardigan has our signature Baby Peggy the Pegasus on it.

Details: Wrap cardigan with buttons, Pants with elastic waistband, matching booties, pom pom beanie. 100% Cotton Machine Washable. Cosy piece to be worn together or as separates. Or split the garment for 2 gifts/2 babies into Outfit (cardigan/pants) & Accessories (beanie/booties).

Sizing: Newborn gift size will fit a large newborn to 3-month old. See our charts for measurements for this item and other knitwear in our range.

Specifications: 100% Cotton. Machine Warm Wash with similar colours | Gentle cycle | Do Not Bleach | Do not wring | Tumble dry low | Warm iron | Do not iron on patch | Wear me again and again -  I'm soft and warm! 

Designed for: Newborn babies as a gift knitwear set, just like the Grandmas, Omas, and Nannas used to make! We couldn't find any for our children, so we bring you a selection for your own bundle of joy to wear as a complete set in the cooler months or as individual pieces with existing items in their wardrobe. Please hand me down or pass on my pieces to new owners when you are finished with them.

Best for cool temperatures:  Ideal use in conditions from 10-22°C (50-70°F). A flat-knit fabric makes it ideal for layering in cooler conditions. 

Nature statistics:  Made in a knitwear factory in India. Our partner for this project was sourced through Australian export advisors and is a fair work environment with a 100% compliant unit and has SEDEX Compliance and BSCI Compliance. Offering fair renumeration and hours, no child labour, no bonded labour (withholding passports etc), no discrimination, rights of freedom, social management and workers protection.


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