About Plōōm

Welcome to Plōōm + My Journey. Hi, my name is Sarah 👋

  • I am an empath, medical intuitive and energy reader.
  • I am a change catalyst for others.
  • I walk alongside people (assisting them) as they grow and transform.
  • I look through what is being said to challenge your patterns.
  • I desire to liberate you of pain in the physical body.
  • I wish to teach you how to be lighter and brighter, to use your emotional intelligence to guide you.
  • I assist you to raise your energy levels, by cleaning out what is holding you back and empowering you to move forwards.

My company is Plōōm and I offer personalised self-care essentials for your unique journey:

  • Personalised self-care plans
  • Medical Intuition and Energy Readings
  • Reiki healings, remote or in-person
  • Plant, blooms and botanical nature-based skincare
  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Packages to keep you on your self-care growth plan

My Journey

I am originally from Melbourne, but now reside in the Sutherland Shire. I am a Fashion Designer and Patternmaking teacher by trade. However, in 2020 my husband fell ill. The specialists searching for answers and me trying to work out why, how, when… between appointments and tests and not a lot of findings. It was truly a frightening time that changed our lives and perspective forever.

During this time, I was who I needed to be, a mother, wife, nurse, everyone’s rock and support but forgot about myself. I eventually ran out of steam. I surrendered and gave up who everyone else needed me to be. And started focusing on my needs and feelings first. If you have nothing left to give, how can you support the ones you love. This intention created a new level of awareness for me. noticing certain situations, people, places, habits, thoughts, that were draining my energy. Which led me to what gives me positive energy and something profound happened,
my nervous system, its emotions, sensations, aches, and pains were matching the positive and negative energetic situations. So, I started listening to my intelligent body, needs and emotional guidance system with this new awareness.

Fast forward to 2024 I have educated myself in the ways that help us feel connected and in a relationship with ourselves. Because when we value something, we take care of it. When we don’t, we don’t. How much do you value yourself to feel connected, a source of resilience and wellbeing. Let us turn the connection on and apply mindfulness internally. We can uncover your conditioned habits, patterns and environmental beliefs and gently challenge them to help you grow your practices, habits, and intentions that give you energy and vitality.

Additionally, through self-reflection we can find meaningful good habits that support you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in your personal and professional commitments.

My Personal goals include:

Artistically feeling or expressing myself everyday, co-creating ‘something’, interior design, fashion, art, music, ceramics, and painting. Developing my relationships with myself, family, friends and my clients. Spending as much time with my kids as possible. Educating myself about the connection between mind, body, and soul, studying holistic practices for personal growth and transformation.

Some of my interests include ocean walks, pilates, clean living, nutrition, skincare, pattern making, quantum and the metaphysical, what one cannot see with their naked eye.

I need live an intentional life that encompasses: 

  • Excitement and unplanned spontaneity 
  • Oceans, moonlight, plants, nature and sound – my self care 
  • Freedom of expression - art, skincare, creating, fashion
  • Purpose, spirituality and to expand my consciousness
  • Partner with people, simplify their being so they can live their truth 

Let me help you feel lighter, brighter and guide you towards your hearts desires so you can live your intentional life.