About Us

Cookie Empire has been a massive part of my life and I could not have achieved any of it without my family or friends who stuck by me, took photos, arrange plans and proposals, attended market stalls, helped me sew and produce, source and delivery my passionate products for people to enjoy.

Regretfully Cookie Empire will be wound down due to COVID-19, the health and wellbeing of my family, along with the current climate of not being able to sell physically and now consciously. When you have the time to look into things you realise the world isn’t as you expected. I was to launch a sustainable line in August 2020. The week of COVID-19 announcements in China I went to place my fabric order for the collection. I held off a week to see what would develop. I didn’t go ahead and lucky enough didn’t have new excess stock sitting around.

Sustainability….yes, I was really looking into conscious, life cycle sourcing of fabric such as hemp, linen, organic cotton options after studying the health benefits of natural fibres and colours. But due to government regulation I was unable to attain Australian Made production. I have chosen to put Cookie Empire on hold (aside from face masks, which I will continue to make from designer offcuts), until such time Australian produced Hemp and more raw materials are available for me to consciously create something I feel doesn’t contribute to landfill, affecting the environment and people in the lifecycle.

Plōōm is all over this website, yes…. Due to an illness and dietary changes in our household and living a more natural lifestyle for the past few years I have been studying Organic Skincare Formulations to understand the disease Sarcoidosis which is inhaled or gets through your skin, to manifest as a rare inflammatory disease. As I grow and learn about the skin organ, integumentary system, plants, blooms and botanicals, I want to that assist people to restore their natural skin barrier, keep it clean without chemicals, toxins or synthetics and acting as the efficient elimination organ that it is. Plōōm will be all about natural products that won’t hurt you or the earth. This is my new venture, please take care of the skin your in, so it can take care of you xx much love Cookie 

Cookie Empire History

Where did we start? A love for fashion and always exploring the world around me and engaging in it’s culture, art, materials, craftsmanship, faith, technology and the six dimensions of every unique individual. My brand is about the journey, your journey. Social, environmental, physical, wellness, spiritual, emotional. We want you to be comfortable and confident in your own skin and feel like you are prepared for today’s challenges, responsibilities, accomplishments, persistent moments and conquering the day ahead.

Originally in Melbourne 2009 Cookie Empire was born as an Alternative women’s workwear brand Using shape wear fabrics with a rockabilly flair. After 3 sell out seasons Cookie moved to Sydney, got married and had a baby boy. An adventurous soul with envious physical energy levels! On the baby shopping pregnant phase I couldn’t find any black or cool unisex kids clothes. Thus Cookie Empire Kids was born in durable fabrics that could with stand all the outputs of baby and supporting their bodies in their moments of discovery. Keeping them warm, dry, covered and still looking cool on their adventures.

Our products you can wear over and over plus we won’t compromise on style, movement or durability. You may find reinforced seams, double patches, 4 way stretch, crotch gussets and pockets for hidden treasures, just to name a few features that make our products more practical and comfortable for daily challenges and discoveries.

We are currently transitioning to more natural fibers like linen, bamboo, hemp and wool as well as sourcing more suppliers who use natural or low impact dyes that have minimal impact on our environment and the community. Do you know the affect clothing has on farmers, workers, wildlife for crop growing and water consumption? There are towns where the dyes used colour their drinking water!

We care about how you feel when you wear your clothing, we still want you to look Unique, Natural and dress Practically for conquering your day. But we are doing things differently and slowing down the fashion cycle while taking into account the full life cycle of a garment which includes shipping using recycled or biodegradable packaging. We will remain transparent for you, will you do the some for yourself? We use recycled textiles and trims where possible or reinvent previous collections. Source Natural fibres and materials ethically and suppliers who use low impact dyes. We also support fair trade factories with ethical standards and do not condone child labour ever - do you think about who makes your clothes and how they are living?

Now... life in 2020 a transitional phase for us all to endure together, A World Pandemic Covid-19. New thoughts, fears, feelings, loneliness, isolation, togetherness, slowing down and hopefully new considerations, wellbeing, individual persistence and new goals. Ask for help, offer assistance, reach out, support those in need and look out for each other. We additionally in this challenging time have had multiple family illnesses and in my house, my husband being diagnosed with a rare inflammatory condition. He like so many others have low or compromised immunity in our communities are at a greater risk along with the elderly. It’s so important that we as individuals do the right thing and social distance or if you must go into public areas wear a reusable face mask covering, sanitise and constantly clean surfaces to protect the ones we love and care about. So during this time of need I will be making masks that I have designed and patterned myself Measuring Australians and making Australian Made Masks handmade by me, Cookie. 

I will keep up to date with the latest technologies, insights, research and standards to bring you products that keep you protected, and you feel confident wearing. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest to keep up with latest post, news and insights. Alternatively, Sign up to the newsletter for product launches, sales and exclusive offers.

xx Cookie xx