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Healers, Practitioners and Therapists - Service Offerings

Working with clients can have it's moments and challenges when you a facing your own personal challenges. You might find undesirable patterns, people or situations that keep arising. We can uncover your patterns, resistance, triggers and address some changes that need to take place, create some boundaries and set you up for more balance and the ideal clients that you love working with!

Practitioners and Therapists are you working 1:1 with clients that you need a little guidance or confirmation on? I can help guide you with insights that will validate you or your client into what they are feeling, thinking and going through. Clarification through quick calls and communication.

Contact me direct to discuss rates and partnerships opportunities.


Medical Intuitive Consultations

I assess energetic imbalances and identify underlying health issues, causes and energy leaks. I provide self-care suggestions, personalised healing strategies, and higher guidance, clarity, comforting support on your healing journey.

  • Remote reading w/email report 
  • Remote reading w/45mins Online Session 


Energy Healing Sessions

Combining holistic modalities I facilitate healing, clearing, erasing imprints, and energetic blockages in the energy field. Assisting you to vibrate closer to your ideal state.

  • 1 hour or 30 min sessions are available in-person or remote.


Webinar Collaboration

Participate in webinars sharing collective insights, answer questions, and provide guidance on medical mysteries. The importance of self-care. Energy body and root causes. Educate on intuitive healers that engage in the levels separately and not be confined to one.


Practitioner Referrals

Practitioner to Practitioner phone calls and referrals to seek guidance further purpose and provide spiritual insights when required on clients

  • 30mins or 15mins, purchased one off or in advance as a block of 2 hours.


Send me an email enquiry or call to see how we can partner up and work together in supporting you and your clients today and for my rates card.

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