Shamanic Energy Medicine FAQs

What is a Shamanic Energy Medicine?

Shamanic Energy Medicine is an ancient model of health that focuses on creating health rather than treating disease. Shamans believe that all things, including humans, animals, and plants, have spirits and can be communicated with to promote healing and balance.

Shamanism is a perennial philosophy, found all around the world, encompassing indigenous wisdom teachings as well as rites of passages and healings. No mater where it is found it shares a common body of knowledge that originated in Africa 85k years ago. Travelled with the first migrations out of Africa with the people that settled in the foot hills of the Himalayas, it was brought into Europe and North America by a small group of hunter gatherers who crossed the Himalayas. It was taked into Australia by the first navigators across the ocean. it can be called miyan, hopi or incan wisdom. But the source is one of the same body of knowledge that incorporated the flavours and spices of each cultural land. Shamanism shares a common history with yogic wisdom.

The Western model of health focuses on treating symptoms and disease rather than promoting health and addressing root causes. Shamanic Energy Medicine combines cutting-edge brain science and ancient shamanic wisdom to promote health and well-being.

How can I learn more about Shamanic Energy Medicine? You can learn more about Shamanic Energy Medicine by reading books, attending workshops, and seeking out shamanic practitioners.

How can I connect more to self and offer my love and service to the world?

  • Create sacred space - Invocation - for any name that resonates within your heart, the divine source that speaks to your heart, the goddess, father son, grandmother moon, mother moon (how do you resonate with the supreme intelligence?) summoning the sacred into our lives - with sacred smoke, palo santo - or Call on the four great guardians of the cosmos (Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, and Eagle) to bring balance and harmony to your space.
  • Humbleness - Human, Humaness, understand your humble nature. We are learning and evolving, sometimes we offecnd or damage others/other life from our actions. In any case, we recognise and say sorry (while we are still learning). When we consume materialistic society offerings. Say sorry, to all life that has been poisoned and lost their lives for consumerism. Say sorry, for the way we have been behaving that is destroying our planet.
  • Gratitude - Gratitude for everything that is nurturing us everyday, from the food to the water to the people we love, and to the people who make it difficult for us showing us where we have room to grow. Where we have to cultivate more kindness and patience. Being grateful for life in every-way it shows up for us. So we are triggered to grow where it hurts. It moves us towards greater understanding. The more we understand the more we love. The more we love the more we understand. We came to be more creative, more patience and move to help and embody what we need to offer, where we need to help. Be sacred activists for healing.
  • Petition - What do we long for, beyond the abundance, beyond the long life, and beyond finding a partner out there. What do we long for that is not just for us? We can begin with us. What do we long for to be more available to the rest of the world. To be less egocentric? Before this we need to find self-love, self-esteem, self-compassion, see our purpose, so we can be truly available to offer our love and service these days. The world needs all of us. Create the world we want to live in and takes care of all life inhabiting the Earth. What do you yern for, deep within?
  • Then make time to listen to your sacred 
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