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Personal Growth Sessions

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Ready to transform? Need a little bit of a boost? I teach lightness!

I have a desire to liberate you from the pain in your physical body and release the resistance you're facing. Uncover the true you, your true self that is hidden under all that conditioning, patterns, emotions, and Pain.

  • I can identify the pieces that are stuck and need transforming to lighten the load.
  • We can dive in deeper to the parts of you that need healing right now.
  • Guide us towards integration practices for your growth moving forwards to raise your vibe and shine your own light for others to see.

What are you facing right now on your own journey, because every word manifests!

    • Getting the same situations and not sure how to shift the frequency?
    • What are you telling the universe?
    • Who can I get to help me this problem I have?
    • What are you currently attracting that needs transmuting?
    • What inner resistance and fears are you facing?

What is covered in the 1:1 Personalised Growth Sessions:

  • Discover what your pain is trying to tell you in your body
  • Clear limiting - patterns, conditioning and habits
  • Uncover how your body make decisions and where your Seoul is heading
  • Find your emotional guidance system and talk about your energy field
  • See where your energy is going currently and the lessons your learning
  • Take a look at your supportive self care practices and rituals
  • Create some action steps to jump back into alignment and heading for growth

My goal - is to serve up individualised insightful solutions to empower your growth. Leading with humility, and from the heart I will hold space for your transformation and healing journey, we will do it together.

Personalised 1:1 Sessions to support your growth and development right now:

Call me for a free discussion and suggestions call to see if this feels right for you, ask any questions you have and if we are the right fit for each other.

Are you a healer, light worker or have a raised consciousness? Then these packages are for you since we always have to be working on ourselves to serve from a higher frequency.

All personalised sessions are 100% tailored to your energetic needs, desires and to support you on your journey.

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