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Sarah Plumer

What’s My Why?

Aging realisations, curiosity, inner dialogue, external harshness and what does true happiness mean to me, you and the world right now in this moment?

All very relevant factors to consider and determine plans, importance and actualisation that humanity is all connected, nature is one, the world needs healing from the ground and people up.

Consider a world with-out pollutants, with natural streams, rivers, organic vegetation, roaming animals, trees in abundance, wildlife without plastic particles. Just enough to be, live, thrive and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Just before the 2020 pandemic began my world flipped on its head. Every why was questioned, every realisation, inner and outer worlds, values, faith, beliefs, even time was questioned with these words…. ‘Get your affairs in order, this is serious, we don’t know what it is, but it’s looking like cancer.’ Just imagine… The world has been notified of a disease that is spreading, you are in hospital. The hospital is closing down, discharging patients, surgeries have stopped and preparing for a ‘pandemic’. Australia had gone into lockdown. Then picture for the next 8 weeks of lockdown, tests, scans, x-rays, more tests, biopsies and appointments believing it’s cancer. Thankfully a conclusions that it is in fact not cancer but a rare inflammatory disease which acts in a similar way with granulomas. But, it’s all over your body. Leaching calcium and other minerals from your bones and filtering them through your kidney, liver and integumentary glands, the waste systems. This was my reality. My family situation and how my change of self and Plōōm journey began.

What’s your Why? Does it make a difference? Allow yourself the time, space and momentum to heal your wounds, help another, break new ground and enjoy your joyful abundance that is your birth given right. Not sure how? Book a Reiki Treatment with me, I can kick-start your journey to self.

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