People who accept their looks are happier and have more beautiful skin

Sarah Plumer

Research shows that at age 14 the inner beauty critic arrives and continues to erode self-esteem as you age. This erosion has a profound effect on health and well-being due to the stress of fighting who you are which in turn affects physical beauty.

Working with nature can redefine beauty as natural, holistic and more reflective of our inner emotions, perceptions and needs. Leading to a broader appreciation of diverse human beings.

Pro-ageing is not about striving for youth but looking good for your age that incorporates treatments, massages, facials and therapies that not only improve appearances, they embrace inner self and promote a sense of well-being.

The same movement for pro-ageing is also moving away from synthetic and mass-produced beauty products made from polluting and increasingly scarce petrochemical ingredients, to those made from safe and sustainable natural substances, with clean skincare. 

As many of us become environmentally aware, we know that there is no real beauty if the means to achieve it are ugly. Animal testing, toxic industrial chemicals, avoidable waste, science experiements such as GMO or nanotechnology that turn customers into lab rats, and lies on the labels are all dishonest, for marketing purpo$e$.

The increasing interest in natural beauty mirrors the increased awareness of environmentally friendly behaviours. A positive and inspiring cultural shift, and a valuable alternative to plastic beauty. The concerns for what we put in our bodies with natural wholesome foods, extends to application to our bodies, and skin. Consuming or applying processed refined cheap junk products made with the same petrochemicals, carcinogens, toxins or synthetic fragrances that some say disrupt the body’s hormonal nervous systems, can cause cancer, provoke allergies or cause harm to your unborn baby.

We haven’t touched on the ECO CONCERNS - but I will do as I educate myself and become wiser, you will too. Many chemicals in concential products such as hormone disrupting parabens, also harm the plant. Either through unsustainable sourcing, during the manufacturing process, or when they are washed into drains and into our water supplies. As we become more aware of the damage that humankind has done to the planet, it is clear that trashing the planet in the name of vanity simply isn’t beautiful.

As consumers become aware of known and trusted ingredients that nature provides much of what we need to stay beautiful in the form of healthy unadulterated foods but also in the form of plant essence and luxurious oils that are readily available and naturally effective.

Beauty is something we do to feel better, look better and express whats inside us to occasionally treat and indulge. Real beauty should promote a happier, healthier, more relaxed, more confident and comfortable “you”. Natural beauty reclaims the notion of narrowing who you are on the inside and what others see.

Make peace with your skin by identifying and working with the skins natural rhythms by supporting healthy lifestyle choices.

1. Have a lot of goood quality sleep. Vital #1skin tip. And its not about the number is about the quality of sleep. A chronic lack of good quality sleep can age skin by as much as 10 years.

2. Relieve stress. Helps our health and appearance when we address stress, anxiety, healing old wounds. And engage in a creative pursuit that absorbs you. Find your joy and move on with what your heart sings for.

3. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day to make a diffference to the radiance and moisture of your skin.

4. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol both can dehydrate the skin and interfere and break down over time thel minerals below the surface which renew and repair.

5. Good quality skin products that make use of gently natural cleansing and natural oils and plant extracts instead of industrial petrochemical derivatives.

6. Eat healthy because your diet is influential on the health of your skin in both the short and long term. Eg. Diets rich in omega 3 fats can protect against sun damage and even acne.

7. Live, Love and Be your Authentic Self, Shining your light which gives others permission to shine their light also.

XX Cookie

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