ThIs insightful quote shared resonates with the profound wisdom of unknown origin. It beautifully captures the essence of readings, healings and personal growth.

“A Healer will trigger you, it’s inevitable, that’s their purpose. To trigger you into healing. To trigger your wounds to surface. To trigger you to face your own darkness. To trigger you into accepting, integrating, and loving your shadow. To trigger you to grow and evolve into your highest self. Doesn’t mean they’re bringing out the worst in you. On the contrary, they’re bringing you closer to the best in you. Intention and energy matter.”

This quote emphasizes that healers, whether in the form of people, experiences, or circumstances, often serve as catalysts for our inner transformation. Their purpose is to evoke deep emotions, stir our vulnerabilities, and guide us toward healing and self-awareness. While this process can be uncomfortable, it ultimately leads us to embrace our shadows, integrate our complexities, and evolve into our most authentic selves.

Healers operate from a place of compassion and positive energy, even when the actions seem challenging. They propel us toward growth, nudging us closer to our inherent greatness.