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Medical Intuition Energy Readings

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Medical Intuition Energy readings can provide the validation and answers to your pain and problematic experiences. It can be performed remotely and a report sent to you via email that will include the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental reasons for your pain and discomfort you are experiencing.

" Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! I am blown away by the in-depth reading you have done for me. Amazing!! Everything you have put forward resonates with me."  Nat
"Thank you so much for this. It really resonated, how right you were! Thanks again so so much!"  Steve
"Thank you so much, this helps me a lot on my healing journey, your assessment was helpful and appreciated."  Indi
"Oh my gosh Sarah! This is amazing! I so resonate with all of it!! Thank you!!" CS
"You are spot on with everything you have offered! None of this is a surprise to me. Your reading is very helpful to validate concerns and my path forward. Thank you so much!" Michelle

Not sure if you need a Medical Intuitive Energy Reading?

  • Are you finding worsening of symptoms?
  • No treatment/progression or disease unchecked?
  • Are you no longer trusting intuition?
  • Do you have emotions that are stuck or absent and want to know the origin?
  • Do you have past trauma or strong negative emotions?
  • Do you have no energy and lacking the get up and go?
  • Negative thoughts keep re-occurring in times of resistance?
  • Find yourself being triggered in certain situations?
  • Have you run out of options and not sure where to turn next for answers?
  • Are you being told there is nothing wrong/tests are normal. It's all in your head?
  • It's just stress, doctor is not going to order tests because you are unlikely to have X issue, due to no physical condition?

How does a Medical Intuition Energy Reading and Scan work? I use a learnt protocol from one of the worlds best known Indigenous Medical Intuitive's and have studied under various energy healers. Scanning your energy allows me to view you like an MRI using clairvoyance to see any problematic areas, organs, or system in your body and discern if it’s emotional, spiritual, physical. I can see where your energy is leaking. I receive information about the leaks, pain or blockage along with spiritual guidance on how to help you help yourself heal the fragmented, lost pieces of your true self. This technique is complementary (not an alternative) to your existing western medicine medical care.

What type of information do I need to know to do a scan? Just your name and approval to energetically scan your body. A Medical Intuitive Energy Session can be performed remotely without communicating. If you wish to have a LIVE session, please let this be known at the time of your booking. We use Zoom or WhatsApp for these discussions to occur. Also, let us know if there is any pain, chronic or ongoing negative patterns going on in your life so we can take a look and get answers for you.

Medical Intuition Energy Readings are a self care tool that assists your exisiting licensed medical practitioners to offer clarity to your problems being experienced. Please note if you are triggered during the process please immediately consult your therapist, physician or mental health care provider to support you.

Note: The best psychics in the world are 70-80% accurate. 30% of the time they can be wrong. After you have received your scan you can go get testing or verification from your licensed health care professional, doctor, Ayurvedic physician, GP, specialist or Chinese doctor. 

I cannot guarantee 100% accurate and do not want anyone to get hurt. Intuitive practices are a holistic self care tool to help you transform your pain into finding your true self and purpose. 

Please allow 48 hours to hear from me after your purchase. I am booked out most weeks and readings take 1-3 hours individually. I will schedule your reading and get back to you with a time frame you’ll receive it. The current wait for a reading is approx 1-2 weeks.

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