Medical Intuitive FAQs

What is a Medical Intuitive?

  • Medical intuition combines intuitive insight with medical and anatomical information in order to provide a client with answers about the nature and cause of their illness or disease.
  • By combining intuitive and rational ways of obtaining and accessing knowledge, a medical intuitive is able to provide actionable information for a client who is suffering.
  • The medical intuitive is a person with psychic or super sensory gifts who is able to focus those gifts in order to look into a persons body and identify the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual causes of symptoms, disease, and or disharmony.

Medical Intuition - History

Medical intuition is a relatively new term but it is an ancient old practice. It used to be called Psychic diagnosis. "The rendering of a diagnosis by a untrained person who has been led to the diagnosis by unexplained means. Psychic diagnosis was commonly practiced in primitive tribal cultures but is rarely documented in culturally advanced nations."

Shamans and Medicine men and women in many indigenous cultures throughout the world have been practicing psychic diagnosis or medical intuition for centuries.

Indigenous Medical Intuition Traditions 

  • Sangomas - South Africa
  • Curanderas - North, Central and South America
  • Psychic Surgeous - Philippines (Men)
  • Babaylan - Phillipines (Women)
  • Kahunas - Pacific Islands
  • Medicine People - North America

Types of Medical Intuitive's

  • Medical Shamans
  • Medical Clairvoyants
  • Intuitive Medicals
  • Intuitive Counselors
  • Medical Mediums

The best psychics in the world are 70-80% accurate. 30% of the time can be wrong. So everyone's on the same page. You must get advice / verification / checked by your health care professional, doctor, ayurvedic physician, GP, chinese doctor.

I cannot guarantee 100% accurate and don't want anyone to get hurt. 

Hi, I'm Sarah and I am a Medical Intuitive. I have always been able to recognise people's pain, look at it with curiosity, compassion, and hold space without judgement.  You can come to me with a question or problem area, 2-3 areas. Eg. ringing in left ear, chest pain, abdomen. eg. Tired all the time - any specific area. I can scan you and let you know what your body is trying to tell you about you and your life.

What do I do with Medical Intuition? I show people how to grow, work out their purpose, and express themselves wholly. Which attracts abundance, sincerity, integrity and your hearts true desires. I do this through self forgiveness, compassion, and hear the simplest truths inside of you.

I express my own naturalness which holds space for others to express themselves. I can guide people back on course, update their patterns and limiting beliefs, and create simplicity for you. My gift is helping other people, initiate out of their comfort zone, empower them with effective solutions, while providing support and lead them back to their true selves.

Do you want to find who you are? It's an inner job and your pain and resistance is the key to understanding it all. Peel back the layers, dust yourself off and shine into your own be-ing-ness, unapologetically, wholly and attract the environment of your true desires.

My purpose - The desire to relieve pain/liberate you from pain/liberate people from their conditioning, using my gifts:

1. Insight - I will shine my intuition light bright, and share my inner listening gift to find the truest form of you.

2. Devotion - I am devoted to playing in all levels of health and wellbeing that will gift knowledge to you through our sessions.

3. Quintessence -  Accepting who you are, as you are to begin, you can then make internal adjustments to release your own creative genius through simplicity.

4. Rapture - Show you how to be lighter, liberate yourself from pain, feel better, remove temptations and guilt, harness your greater desires for the greater good.

Be still, listen, trust, and know your heart’s intelligence and your inner knowing, your gut feeling, your intuitive guidance system, your emotional GPS is 100% accurate. You do not need to know the how and why, just follow the good feelings in every daily choice you make. Practice listening, feeling and trusting in your own ability to make the highest choices possible to guide you towards your personal power.