Plōōm Skincare

Plōōm Skincare believes in Holistic ‘Skinamilism’. We are cultivating natural beauty products from Plant, Blooms & Botanicals. Made in Sydney, Australia from local ingredient suppliers. We are customising skincare solutions for individuals, and cater to vegans, gluten free and nut free lifestyles. So small batches to maintain efficacy in personalised restore rituals are something we love doing! Minimising your skincare routines to be more effective, balancing and rejuvenating.

While we are formulating, researching and producing please have a read to understand the Skin your in :) xx Cookie

Skin types

Normal - neither dry nor oily? You are lucky and only need to keep your skin clean, hydrated and use simple cleansing and light lotions. If you are producing extra oil in your T-zone (the forehead, nose, chin) you don’t need to moisturise this area and can even use more balancing products on this area.

Oily - prone to blocked pores and blemishes? But at least oily skins do have the tendency to look younger for longer. But are prone to dehydration and sensitivity. These needs to be taken into account when choosing skincare. Avoid ingredients that are heavily occlusive, since they can cause breakouts. Include plenty of water-based humectants instead. Choose lighter oils like thistle, rice bran and jojoba. Avoid heavier thick butters like coconut oil, cocoa, shea as that can block pores.

Dry - under production of sebum oil and renewal. You’ll need extra help to stay looking smooth and supple over time. Richer oils and butters can help trap water in the skin and smooth any rough lines of the cells in the lower skin layers to give a smoother appearance. Cleanse gently and use protective moisturisers in winter and indoor environments to stop dehydration from getting worse.

Steps to healthy skin for all: keep it clean, protect it from dehydration and the elements. And address any problems that are occurring.

1. Keep it Clean - the natural sebum your skin produces is sticky and attracts dirt and debris in your environment and needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent blockage and build up. This can be as simple as using a face cloth or muslin cheesecloth. Some cleansing cloths only use water and do a great job. I prefer these ones for time and the environmental factor. Cleansing twice a day will remove the excess dead cells that have surfaced on your skin. Did you know? Skin renews itself every 28-40 days. 28 being young skin and around 40 for more mature skin. So whatever product you are using you should at least try a product for this duration, unless you have skin irritation, (You should always patch test behind your ear/neck when using a new product).

Oily skin cleaning - cleansing balm or cleansing oil.

Dry skin or normal skin - lotion, balm or oil - personal preference

When to use a exfoliant scrub? The skin does a great job by itself if treated well. Constant exfoliation isn’t good for the natural oils, acids and micro biome that take care of your skin. But, when your skin is looking a little dull or rough from over exposure or not enough cleansing/the wrong cleansing for your skin. This could be once a week depending on your environment to once a month.

2. Protect it from dehydration and the elements - help your skin look and feel good by keeping it moisturised and protect it from water loss. The water in your skin evaporates depending on what we subject it too. Such as dry heat, air conditioning, too hot/long showers leaving it dehydrated (limit showers to 4mins max). So you need a protective barrier but not too thick or it can block pores and cause spots. So we must use your skin type to help you choose skincare ingredients that will keep your skin healthy.

3. Address any problems - get your body back to balance. Something showing up on the outside (your skin) is an indication of something that is out of balance on the inside. Don’t fix the symptoms and what you can see, investigate the cause! So a visit to a naturopath, kinesiologist or herbalist can also help with more problematic skin issues rather than antibiotics which are generally a temporary cover up of the underlying issue(s).


Anything else you can do? Yes 👍 from the inside out!

Take a deep breath and think about how you look, and feel as a whole. What are your stresses and environment exposures everyday. Analyse your lifestyle for a moment, your routine. All of the following affects your skin and mood then how you look and feel - Diet, Caffeinated drinks that mess with your metabolism and dehydrate your body, drink more water, get more sleep, eat good fats, cold pressed oils high in essential fatty acids plus nuts and seeds, fruit and vegetables. Try to limit or avoid refined foods, packaged processed preserved meals and fast food loaded with sugar and salt, heavy poor meat quality based diets. Your skin is affected by what you consume so be more mindful, curious where your produce comes from and buy from locals.

Plōōm is going to bring out a range of oils, creams, butters and bars made from natural ingredients so you know your skin will be taken care of. We can’t wait to get this out to the world. Talk soon. X Cookie