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Custom Skincare Rituals

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Plōōm has many private clients as we can customise a skincare regime and ritual to your lifestyle and skin needs. After filling in a form and having a telephone call we get to work using your information and our intuition to formulate the most suitable skincare products and regime that will work for your skin right now.

Supply: Your skincare products will last approximately 3 months at which point you can re-order or we can renew your custom formula based on your skincare needs at the current time, depending on your concerns, the season, and conditions your skin has been through, such as stress, heat or cold climates.

Texture and Scent: We appreciate your input on the type of textures, consistency, and of course scents you are drawn too, that make you feel grounded and loved. Making your skincare a practice that provides you with moments in time that support you day and night.

Who is it for: Anybody and everybody. You deserve only the best, naturally restoring your balance and addressing your concerns. Not happy with your skin? Let us take a look. Tell us what you've tried and what you're aiming for regarding moisture, texture, fine lines, hydration, ageing, eyes, neck, hands, legs, body. All of your skin is important so let us work with you to achieve the balance and support your need daily.

Ingredients: They vary based on your needs, wants and desires. But we can always guarantee that they will nature, organic where possible, plant based oils and botanicals from nature.

To understand our ingredients more please check out this page Plōōm INGREDIENTS

All Plōōm products are Australian made and our formulations. We aim to be Natural and micro-biome friendly. We also can cater to vegans (replacing beeswax with Candelilla Wax), Gluten Free and Nut Free lifestyles. Just ask us we ❤️ formulating new blends for individuals.

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